A silver piece is the ultimate luxury for dining at the table.


Continuing the great tradition of tabletop silverware, Seamus Gill designs and makes sculptural silver pieces for dining and entertaining at the table.

We don't carry a stock of silver tableware but below are photographs of some of our regular designs that are made to order. Depending on our capacity in the studio at the time, orders can take from 3 to 9 weeks. Please contact us to check availability.


A deposit of 50% will be requested for all silversmithing orders. 

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Freeform Water pitcher €9500
Freeform water pitcher

Height 33cm
Weight approximately 1300 grammes
Freeform budvase with stem €2800
Freeform Budvase with removable stem

Height vase 16cm
Total height 28cm
Weight 500 grammes
Freeform candlesticks
Freeform candlesticks
Flowing Curves tall candlesticks €2800
Flowing Curves tall candlesticks

Height 36cm
Weight 1000grammes
Flowing Curves low candlesticks €1200
Flowing Curves low candlesticks

Height 8cm Width 16cm
Weight 275 grammes
Flowing Curves candelabra €2600
Flowing Curves two piece candelabra

Height 22cm Width 52cm
Domed Oval bowl €650
Domed oval silver bowl

Height 7.5cm Width 14cm
Weight 300 grammes
Domed Square Bowl €500
Domed square silver bowl

Height 5cm Width 12cm
Weight 200 grammes
Domed Round bowl €450
Domed round silver bowl

Height 3.5cm Width 11cm
Weight 180grammes
Flowing Curves Bowl €1200
Flowing Curves silver bowl

Width 15cm
Weight 300 grammes
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