A commissioned silver piece is perfect for presenting to someone special.


Working closely with the client, Seamus Gill can design and make personal silverware that is perfect for a presentation.

Below are photographs of some of the presentation pieces that Seamus Gill has made over the years. All these pieces were especially designed and made to commission.

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Height 37cm

Presented to directors retiring from the board of Aryza the Irish Swiss company.

This tall silver presentation piece is based on the Aryza logo which in turn is based on a stem of wheat.
Pope Francis with his cruet set
Pope Francis being presented with the silver cruet set and tray at the Apostolic Nunciature during his trip to Ireland.
Cruet set for Pope Francis
Height 13cm

This silver cruet set and tray was presented to Pope Francis on his trip to Ireland. They are hand engraved with his crest and the tray is engraved with lines from St. Patricks breastplate
St Josephs Chalice and patten
Height 20cm

This Chalice and patten were commissioned by the parish council to present the St. Josephs church in Glasthule to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the church.

The shape of the foot of the chalice is based on the roof of the hexagonal columns on the outside of the church and the pattern of the knop is based on the magnificent stained glass rose window on the front of the church.
 St Josephs chalice
Height 20cm

The Chalice without the paten on top showing the gold plating on the inside.
Terenure College Chalice
height 28cm

This Chalice was presented to the Carmelites of Terenure College by the past pupils union to commemorate the 150th year of the College. It is made in the traditional form, a bowl, a stem with a knop, and the foot. The shape of the Chalice is based on the 150 years logo which is on the centre knop
Irish Life 25 years service award
Height 15cm

This award was presented to employees of Irish Life to celebrate 25 years of service "the silver anniversary".

This silver and black ash sculptural piece is based on the sculpture "Chariots of Life" by Oisin Kelly in the forecourt of the Irish Life Headquarters on Abbey street.
Irish Life Retirement Award
Height 20cm

This award was presented to employees of Irish Life upon retiring after a long career of service.

This silver and Kilkenny marble piece is based on the sculpture "Chariots of Life" by Oisin Kelly in the forecourt of the Irish Life Headquarters on Abbey street.
Irish Life Retiring Directors
Height 20cm

Irish Life and Permanent

This piece is based on the “wave” on the logo of Irish Life and Permanent. It was presented to the retiring directors as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the company.
Freedom box for Bob Geldof
Width 30cm

This freedom box was presented to Bob Geldof to commemorate his awarding of the freedom of the city of Dublin

A freedom box was traditionally presented in Ireland when conferring the Freedom of the city.

Conor O'Brien, the Irish silver historian, discovered that the Freedom box may even have originated in Ireland, the first one recorded was when the freedom of the city of Dublin was conferred on James Butler, the Duke of Ormonde after the restoration of Charles II in 1662
Seamus Gill with Bob Geldof
Seamus Gill with Bob Geldof
Height 28cm

Presented to David Dilger, the Chief Executive of Greencore on his retiring from the role after 13 years, having transformed the company into a leading world player in manufacturing of branded and private label foods
The Good Friday Agreement
Height 38cm
Presented to An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern by Cairde Fail
to honour his role in the Good Friday agreement.
Based on the dove of peace emerging out of the two sides which are joining together in peace and agreement. The two sides represent many of the two sides that came together for the agreement. The North/South, London/Dublin, Nationalist/Loyalist, Ireland/Britian, for/against.
An Taoiseach presented with award
An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern (the Prime Minister of Ireland) with his partner Celia Larkin after being presented with the award.
Podform for Mr. Cho
Height 28cm

This abstract silver sculpture is based on the twisting movement of the ancient Irish torcs.

It was presented to Mr.Cho Chairman of Toyota on his visit to Ireland.
Dennison Truck
Length 25cm

This 1:60 Scale model of a Dennison Truck was presented to George Dennison of Dennison Trucks, the only trucks ever made in Ireland
Brian Friel Kite
Height 26cm

This silver and Kilkenny marble kite was presented to Brian Friel the great Irish playwright. Kites feature in many of his plays
Cancer Strategic Devolopment Award
Height 28cm

This silver and Kilkenny marble piece is based on a cancer cell was presented annually at the International Cancer Conference which was held in Ireland and hosted by St. James Hospital.
Broighter boat
Height 22cm

This gold plated silver copy of the Broighter boat in the National Museum of Ireland was presented to Knut Digerud the first joint chief Executive of Esat Digifone.
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