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This seven and a half minute video shows how I make one of my podform sculptures in sheet bronze using traditional silversmithing techniques.


Séamus Gill’s sculptures have evolved using traditional silversmithing skills to creating finely crafted works of art in sheet bronze.


His sculptural work is all about the joy of working directly in bronze. Each piece is cut from a flat sheet of bronze, then formed into an elegant three dimensional sculpture with the skilful use of a hammer and anvil. Using bronze with a very high copper content that has working qualities very close to silver he is able to use his silversmithing skills to form the bronze in his unique way of working.

He is guided by the making process, with influences coming from early Irish Bronze age, to European abstract sculpture to observing the structure and the natural growth patterns of plants. His work is usually created in related groups or he often returns to constantly evolving themes.


His sculptures are finished by patinating the bronze in soft muted colours, with selective areas highly polished and often gold plated. The patinated areas are finished by waxing and the polished areas are lacquered ensuring the finish is preserved.


“Sleek sinuous and sculptural forms….nothing short of stunning”


Gemma Tipton, The Irish Times 

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