Séamus Gill Jewellery, Silversmithing and Sculpture

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Séamus Gill is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading silversmiths.


He uses traditional silversmithing skills to design and create contemporary jewellery, silverware and sculpture.


His unique designs evolve from his ongoing experimental process and a deep understanding of the working qualities of silver.


“Séamus Gill is rightly celebrated as a silversmith of outstanding craftsmanship”

Deirdre McQuillan, The Irish Times





Séamus Gill uses traditional silversmithing skills to shape silver with a hammer and anvil, capturing that beautiful movement as an elegant tactile piece of jewellery.

His unique jewellery designs are recognisable by his signature sculptural style, often balancing a highly polished section against a subtle texture.

“Irish design at its best. These highly polished silver pieces, some plated in 22 carat gold are stunning.”

Irish Independent


Séamus Gill uses traditional silversmithing skills that have been passed down through the generations to create his silversmithing work.

He has the unique qualities of being a highly skilled silversmith and a sensitive designer allowing him to create exceptional pieces of silversmithing.

“Stunningly crafted silver pieces by revered silversmith Séamus Gill”


Image Magazine



Séamus Gill’s makes sculptures in sheet bronze that have evolved from his silversmithing work.


Each piece is cut from a flat sheet of bronze then formed with the a hammer and anvil into an elegant three dimensional sculpture. It is then finished by patinating the bronze in soft muted colours, with selective areas highly polished and gold plated. 


“Sleek sinuous and sculptural forms….nothing short of stunning”


Gemma Tipton, The Irish Times 

Séamus Gill

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